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Laser is since the 20th century, after atomic energy, computer, semiconductor, another major human invention, known as "the fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", "the brightest light" and "strange laser".

Laser cutting is the most important application technology in the laser processing industry, which accounts for more than 70% of the entire laser processing industry. Laser cutting is currently the world's advanced cutting technology, because it has precision manufacturing, flexible cutting, special-shaped processing, a forming, fast speed, high efficiency advantages, so in industrial production to solve many conventional methods can not solve the problem, laser cutting most metal materials and non-metal materials. With the continuous development of science and technology today, more and more users begin to use laser cutting machine to cut products.

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At present, the application direction of laser cutting equipment in the market mainly has three categories:

The first kind is used for decoration, advertising, lamps and lanterns, kitchenware, thin sheet metal parts, electrical cabinets, elevator panels, engineering boards, high and low switchgear processing materials, this kind of materials are generally thin, the thickness is 1-5mm stainless steel plate materials, with medium power laser cutting machine can be cut.

The second category is to cut plastic (polymer), rubber, wood, paper products, leather and natural or synthetic organic material materials, because this kind of items are not metal products, laser absorption is not the same, so this kind of materials can be cut by CO2 laser cutting machine.

Therefore, when we choose laser equipment, not only according to the characteristics of their own product materials, but also to consider the performance of laser equipment, so that we can find suitable for their own industry products laser equipment.

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