Don’t forget to protect the laser processing equipment from freezing in the cold winter!

by ruijie

Antifreeze tips for laser processing equipment

1. Please do not expose the laser to too cold or humid environment. The suitable working environment for the laser is:

The temperature is 10℃ -40℃, the environmental humidity is less than, and the environmental humidity is less than 70%.

2. Too low external environment may cause the internal waterway of the laser to freeze and fail to work normally. we suggest:

A. If the ambient temperature is below zero, it is recommended to add 20% of the antifreeze based on ethylene glycol to the water tank of the chiller!

B. If the chiller or the water pipe connecting the chiller and the laser is placed outdoors, it is recommended not to turn off the chiller at night, so that the chiller is always in operation

3. If antifreeze is added to the chiller in winter, when the temperature rises above 10°C, the cooling water in the chiller and laser needs to be drained, and then refilled with pure drinking water for use.

4. If the laser processing equipment is not used for a long time in winter, we suggest that the water inside the laser must be drained before storage.

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