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To the users of Ruijie Laser fiber laser cutting machines:

Due to the high humidity and high temperature in summer, the humidity is larger than 9, which means the ambient temperature is 1 °C higher than the set temperature of the water chiller. Or when the humidity is larger than 7 (the ambient temperature is 3 °C higher than the set temperature of the water chiller. The risk of condensation will happpen. Condensation can easily cause instability in the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine and even cause irreversible damage to the laser source.

It is important to note that for water-cooled lasers, condensation is not directly related to whether the laser is emitting light. That is to say, even if the laser is not working, when the temperature of the case is low (if the cooling water is not turned off), when the temperature and humidity of the environment reach a certain level, there will be condensation on the laser source as well.

Condensation on cutting head

Condensation on laser source

In order to avoid the occurrence of condensation and reduce unnecessary losses caused by laser condensation, Ruijie Laser has prepared some small proposals for users of fiber laser cutting machine:

About the Cabinet of fiber laser cutting machine — When the conditions permit, it is safer to place the laser source in a sealed cabinet with temperature and humidity control and dustproof functions. It can ensure the temperature and humidity balance of the working environment of the laser source, and keep the laser source clean. Thus enlong the normal life of the laser source.

Check before turning on/off fiber laser cutting machine — 2.1 Wait a while before turning on fiber laser cutting machine, you can turn on the cooling device on the cabinet for 0.5 hours and then turn on the laser source. 2.2 Turn off the water chiller first. When you turn off the fiber laser cutting machine, you should turn off the laser source and water chiller at the same time, or turn off the water chiller first.

Raise the water temperature — When the dew point temperature is larger than 25 °C, the laser source will definitely produce condensation. It can only temporarily increase the water temperature of the chiller by 1-2 °C and keep it at 28 °C. In addition, the QBH water-cooled interface has relatively less water temperature requirements. , you can increase the water temperature so that it is higher than the dew point, but not higher than 30 ° C.

The best solution is still placing the laser source in a constant temperature and humidity cabinet.

Contact your fiber laser cutting machine supplier about how to set the water chiller temperature in summar and winter, to reduce the rate of condensation happening.

No need to panic when the condensation alarm happens — When you turn on the laser source, if there is condensation alarm appears, set the water chiller temperature right and let the laser source run for half an hour until the alarm is off. Then you can re-start the laser source and use the machine

Another good way of preventing laser source from condensation is that we can put the laser source in a sealed room with air-conditioner.

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